INAQ will be the preferred provider of strategy and business development for the seafood industry.

Our goal is to create competitiveness, growth and profitability for our customers by offering advice based on extensive industry knowledge, rigorous analysis and systematic methodology.

Strategic Advice

Business Development


Regional Economic Development

Financial Advice

- Advising the seafood industry

Every member of INAQ’s team of advisors has a formal qualification at Masters level or higher. The management of the company has more than 30 years of consulting experience from working for large and small companies in Norway and elsewhere. INAQ helps its customers solve challenges and realize opportunities. Using services from INAQ shall constitute a clear positive difference.
INAQ’s consulting is based on:

Understanding of "best practice"
Knowledge of the leading decision makers of the key players in the value chain,
Judgement to connect our knowledge with those we know and to get people to work together in teams,
Creativity to provide unique solutions to customer challenges and needs, and
Power to execute projects according to the customer’s and own expectation.

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