INAQ’s team of advisors represents more than 30 years of experience from the seafood industry where the main focus has been consulting for stakeholders in the value chain of the domestic and international seafood industry. INAQ AS was founded in 2000 as a management company for the Private Equity company INAQ Invest AS. In 2002 the company was reorganized as a consulting company, focusing on strategy, business development and finance.

INAQ’s activity has grown rapidly in recent years. Revenue in 2010 was NOK 4.6 million. In 2016 revenue increased to NOK 16.5 million with a growth of 7.6 per cent from 2015 to 2016. INAQ’s financial performance has always been good, and INAQ is thus today a solid and competent consulting company.

Every member of INAQ’s team of advisors has a formal qualification at Masters level and several of our advisors and subcontractors have doctorates. INAQ wants to be in the forefront of knowledge and expertise in order to maintain and strengthen our position as a preferred partner for businesses in or related to the seafood industry.

The majority of our projects for are for stakeholders in the Norwegian seafood industry. However, we experience an increasing demand for our services internationally. We have also been hired to assist in mergers and acquisition processes, business development after acquisition, verifying operational conditions, verifying aquaculture biomass and analyzing operational potential as a basis for refinancing. Strategic consulting and business development accounted for 38 per cent of the activity in 2016. Sustainable aquaculture represented 31 per cent of revenue, financial consulting 17 per cent, international assignments 7 per cent and R&D projects 6 per cent. Our eight largest customers accounted for 56 per cent of revenue.


Frode Blakstad


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